Water is the liquid of life

Liquid of life

Water is an essential substance for you Without food, you can get along for several weeks, but without water for only a few days. Daily water needs can vary widely, but on average it is 2 to 3 liters per day.
On a hot summer day, it’s nice to go to the beach. With friends, you get excited to play volleyball and quite soon you find yourself sweating, thirsty and even a little tired. Heat, sweating and exercise are all factors that increase the need for water. Now it does matter what you drink. Alcoholic beverages, for example, cause water to disappear from the body and ultimately increase the amount of fluid needed. As a smart guy, of course, you had prepared for the situation in advance and reserved a liter bottle for your backpack, in which you had put 4 dl of whole juice and 6 dl of mineral water at home. As you drink, you will find that the sunshine feels pleasant again, the game goes well, and the mood stays high. This is all because your body’s liquid balance was improved: the salt in the drink helped the water to be absorbed better and the sugar in the juice helped to improve the state of alertness. At the end of the game, you still decide to take a dip in the nice cool water, because you feel full of power.
If you weren’t that sporty type of beach, but are lying on the beach eating potato chips, your situation is a little different. You are sweating and you are starting to feel thirsty in this case as well. A little exhausted, but still a smart type, you decide to buy a bottle of fresh water from a beach cafe, as you realize that the salt lost with sweating has already been recovered with the potato chips.
Water is best absorbed if ingested a little at a time and not at once by emptying the bottle. It is recommended to drink about 1 to 2 liters of fluids every day. Usually, we get about half of the water we need with food and half of the drinks.
The more you eat aqueous foods such as fruits and vegetables, the more you get water already with the food. Fruits contain 90% water, but potato chips only 10%.
Too little water quickly drops your performance, whether you are at work, playing sports, or at the beach. Lack of water also disrupts your body’s normal temperature regulation and balance between different substances, as your body’s chemical reactions need water. Moreover, waste products do not leave your body without water, meaning that water is the best cleaner for your body. The most important fluid in your life is water!
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