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Nutri-Flow Dietary Guide

Why speculate which food is good for me and which food is bad? Let Nutri-Flow Dietary Guide induce you to a balanced diet in a simple and genial way: the guidance is given as foods and beverages!
Nutri-Flow Dietary Guide combines latest nutritional research results with modern technology. Result: you get easy-to-follow guidance to a balanced nutrition on your own terms!


Nutri-Flow Dietary Guide is the key to a balanced diet!

  • Personal recommendations
  • Applies your allergies and tastes
  • Meal diary
  • Cook book, recipe bank
  • Own recipes
  • Databank of nutrition knowledge
  • Food and meal nutrient contents
  • Guidance is given as foods and beverages – easy to follow!
  • Tools for professionals


Easy-to-follow guidance!

Assessment of a diet including nutrients and eating habits


Guidance in foods and beverages with portion sizes!


Meal diary provides a quick wiev on carbohydrates and energy level for each meal and day!


Note: English version is not published yet. Finnish version is available.

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